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Select the page you want to copy and use the hotkey “Ctrl” + “C” to copy it in the clipboard. After that, you may paste the copied page to. Perhaps the easiest way is to first show the Pages pane (on the left, View > Show/Hide > Show navigation panes > Pages thumbnails) and hold down the fn+option. Select the Tools tab. · Select the Organize Pages button in the Tools Center. · Select the page thumbnails you want to duplicate in the Organize.

How to Duplicate Pages in Adobe Acrobat (PC & Mac)


Before we talk about how to duplicate посетить страницу page, we need to spend some time to understand what we are seeing in the Prl Thumbnails pane. On a very high level, all pages in the currently open PDF file are reflected as thumbnails. When you look at the active page, there are a number of different things we can do with the thumbnail view:. If not the entire page is displayed in Acrobat e.

In the above screen shot, we can clearly see that the top of the page is brighter asobe the bottom of the page.

The other thing we see is that the cursor is a little hand… This usually means that we can grab something and move it around. When we click on that bright portion of the page and paeg the cursor, we can pan adobe acrobat pro dc copy page free on the page. This makes it very easy to e. No more fiddling with the scroll bars to locate that small detail on a page. Once we move the cursor away from that highlighted portion of the thumbnail and on to the lower part, the cursor icon changes to an arrow:.

When we now click, something different is happening: The thumbnail gets selected indicated by the blue border around the thumbnail in the screenshot. When we click on a thumbnail that is жмите the active page, the cursor remains an arrow, and the df gets selected. This means that if we want to select a page that is not currently shown, it does not matter where we click, but for the active page, this is important.

If we want to select the current page, we need to make sure that we click on a portion of the page that is not currently being shown or, we can simply change which page is active in Acrobat in order to being able to select a page. With the arrow cursor active, we can click on a page and we drag that page.

I can for example move the first page to the end of the document. The place where the page will be inserted is indicated by a blue bar:. Where that page gets inserted is again indicated by a acrogat bar:. This is great funny I knew you can pgo this in PowerPoint but not Adobe. The thing is I need a clean copy each time, never mind I think I have it, it will take a bit of steps, but if I have a blank on we can always make a copy of that one first before we fill out the one we have….

That might just work, thank you! I am going to try right now! Is there a plugin that allows a user pag copy fc page acrohat variable amount of time and put it back in the pdf. This is not possible in Reader. Is it possible to copy the pdf and then create a 2-up file of this page? Is this possible without having to do everything manually?

This is what you would use an imposition application for. There is adobe acrobat pro dc copy page free in Acrobat that would allow you to do this — at least not the daobe you want to do this. But again, the right way to do this would be to use an imposition tool. Acorbat is super simple and has saved me countless hours of adding new form fields and data!! Thank you so much! Copy works great, thanks.

I can duplicate the page but whenever I edit anything in any page it would change in all cipy and will never let me fill each copy differently. This is what happens adobe acrobat pro dc copy page free you duplicate a page with form elements: None of the form fields will be renamed, so they will all have the same names as on the original page.

All form fields that share the same acrpbat will always also share the same information. This is who AcroForms work, and that feature makes it very easy to have the same information on multiple pages e. If you want to duplicate a page with form fields, you will have to rename the fields. I wasted hours with the new Adobe Acrobat Pro DC being unable to copy and paste pgae, and not finding anything useful in the system documentation.

My workaround was to save a copy of the file and Insert Pages — From file, but it was very slow going. Thank you!!!!!!!! Really not enjoying Adobe Acrobat Pro DC at all and found your page after days of struggling to figure out how to copy a page. So, big thanks!!! Not sure why they need to mess with what works…. Please provide instructions. I get started and it looks like I did it but am unable to find it.

Karin, this is a copyy outside of the scope of this article. Take a look here for some information about how to create templates and how to use them:.

This is a great trick. I am not sure why adobe has not given the option to duplicate page. Thanks, Karl! Really appreciate you taking the time to write it down adobe acrobat pro dc copy page free us all. How can I copy a page with form fields and have the form fields copy into the new page as independent fields? Dave, what you want to do will require programming in JavaScript, and even then, peo may not be able to do this.

You cannot rename a form field, so you will need to recreate these fields with new names, but the problem here is that you adoobe get all the properties of a field from within JavaScript: If a field has any scripts associated with it e. You are extremely pto and deserve the title Adobe Guru. I work in the field of desktop publishing and продолжение здесь day is a challenge to manipulate documents without the proper software.

This hack! Or work around technique is truly awesome. Please provide frfe info. The name of your book of tricks. If you have not written on yet. Please do. I will buy them. Any remedies for printing documents as actual.

Printing the layout as I formatted. Adobe acrobat pro dc copy page free problems exactly are you adobs into? Why does the information entered on the duplicate page change when I change acrobaat on the original?

Or vice versa? I want the original to stay the same and the duplicated to be edited. John, I assume you are referring to a page that contains form fields. When you duplicate such a page, the forms fields on the new page will be copies of the originals, sharing their name. Whenever you have multiple form fields with the same name, information entered on one will automatically be copied to all other instances of that field meaning, all other fields with the same name.

When you copy a page, there is no way around that. Po you for your post here. Your info on duplicating a PDF page saved the day. Thank you for this, it works, but. I am working with a pdf that has editable fields.

Tree page offered is a blank page, but the template adobe acrobat pro dc copy page free is there. I need to insert a page with formatting because my data fits on two pages, adobe acrobat pro dc copy page free the one page offered. Make sense so far? Okay, so using your tutorial, I duplicated the page, but the fields are tied to the original. So, for instance, the fc identifier on the first page is 1. When I make the identifier on the second page 4.

So, I need to break the tie between these two pages. Can you help me with this? I appreciate it!! By duplicating a page, you are also duplicating the fields on that page. There is no adob around that. This is great — thanks so much!! I have acrobat pro, and like may others, I was exporting repair 10 from usb boot free download page and then reimporting as a new file and then I figured dopy had to be an easier way and went searching and came across your article.

You saved me a ton prk time, so thanks. Seems like you should be able to just right click and say duplicate page like you can on so many apps : Quick follow-up question though, I am working on a pdf with links. I did a little research and it looks like the links themselves are there and remain in the right areas, and when I right click and click on link properties and actions, the action Go to a page in this document is still there, but the reference page number is missing!

I can obviously just go back in and enter the page numbers, but again, this is pretty cumbersome as this is a large document. Do you free of a way to duplicate a page pqge that the links remain the same in the duplicated page? Eva, it actually looks like the links apge the copied page are df working. I am not aware of any adobe acrobat pro dc copy page free for this problem.

I am actually surprised that it does not work. I know how to do adobe acrobat pro dc copy page free one by one using your method but not all simultaneously Thanks in advance Alexandre.


Adobe acrobat pro dc copy page free

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Adobe acrobat pro dc copy page free

Figure Reader Success Stories. It displays your PDF document excellently and offers several editing tools like the duplicator. The software, however, sometimes acts up like any other app, so you may experience a variety of problems while using it. Except for duplicate PDF pages, you may sometimes want to manage the pages in your PDF like splitting, cropping, rotating, etc. Like most things, there are different ways to achieve similar tasks.

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