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Move Logic Pro Sound Library: Relocate to external drive – 9to5Mac.

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According to arstechnica. Been thinking of a reshuffle of data on my external SSDs anyway. Seems like a good opportunity to reformat these babies. Doesn’t have to be fast for what I want it for. Seems theyre pretty different to HDDs as far as maintainance and wear goes. Hope mine hold out as well. SSDs are generally better than HDD on nearly every front except cost: speed, wear and tear, resistance to shock, extreme temperatures, magnetic fields, vibrations, size, power consumption, heat generation My new Logic Pro Book is out!

I’ve also read that modern well known brandnames’ external SSDs manage their own garbage collection and though used on its own is not as efficient as in conjunction with Trim, its apparently enough. My internal and external SSds all have a lot of free space and I’ll be keeping it that way.

I shelled out a bit of cash for my T5s so its something I want to pay a bit of attention to. Hi triplets. Yes, thanks to the advice here and in light of this thread thats exactly what I endeavour to do now.

In light of this do you think an HDD is adequate? I don’t need it permanently connected, as it will only back up the OS now and then. All my projects are on external and I like to manually back them up. Meanwhile as I’m reviewing things in the broader sense, like possibly getting some Native Intruments stuff which will need a whopping 1. This generates other things to be considered such as running out of available ports on the iMac for things needing to be connected all the time.

At some point you can also consider getting a Thunderbolt dock to get more ports if the need arises. A question re the Thunderbolt dock Does a Thunderbolt dock make this a moot point? I agree Plus how are you going to back up the other partitions on the drive? Just choose a drive that’s twice the size of the disk s that TM will back up. Works great. Of course it does take a moment or 6 to mount the HDD, but I don’t keep it mounted in any event.

I saw something in another thread about film composers. I only create house music with synths, etc. I found this link, which seems to answer my question. Please let me know if anyone feels differently or if anything has changed with the latest OS or Logic: My new Logic Pro Book is out!

I used to periodically get system overload messages but since installing Komplete 11, I get these drop outs with this error message a lot.

I have read numerous articles that have recommended using an external hard drive. Native Instruments also recommeds this for Komplete I am certainly open to other suggestions. I would troubleshoot your issue further before moving your content. If it’s your CPU overloading, moving the content will not help at all. So a couple of questions:. If this is all true as you explained, then why do so many people recommend a 2nd external hard drive?

Also, what do you recommend I do to resolve the issue? You would have to ask the people who make the recommendation. I rarely agree with blanket recommendations some of them make no sense at all , and I’ve seen their number rise exponentially in recent years on the internet. Just like fixing a car, or repairing a human, the first thing you have to do is observe, and point to the culprit, then find a fix for it. In your case, your bottleneck is clearly the CPU and moving your samples to a 2nd drive won’t help.

You could freeze tracks, bounce them to audio, try using less plug-ins, or less CPU-hungry plug-ins, or get a new Mac with a faster CPU. Are there simply a lot of people using insufficient hard drives or is this advice from the Apple website simply incorrect? It just seems odd that I started having exponentially more issues after I downloaded the Komplete 11 suite. First, you have to realize that such an article is the equivalent of a medical article explaining what to do when you have headaches.

No matter how experienced the doctor who wrote the article, he doesn’t know you, he hasn’t seen you, he hasn’t asked you any questions about you, your symptoms, your life, your ancestors and their medical history, etc.

Such an article might well be useful, but won’t replace an actual doctor visit, examination, diagnosis, follow-up, etc. Same here. The reason the article lists so many different potential solutions is basically because The 1st solution offered is “Quit other apps when using Logic Pro.

Make sure to click Allow when Logic Pro asks for permission to access an external drive. You can’t share a Sound Library between Mac computers. Don’t rename the external drive after you’ve moved your library. If you get an error that says content can’t be relocated, give Logic Pro access to your external drive. After you’ve moved the Sound Library to an external drive, you might want to move it back to your Mac.

For example, you might have a performance and you don’t want to bring an external drive. To install all content, click Select All Uninstalled, then click Install. If you open Logic Pro or MainStage without the external drive containing the Sound Library, you can choose what you want to do.

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Logic pro x files on external hard drive free

yes. 1. level 1. · 5y Engineer. What i think you could do is install logic on the flash drive itself like you did on your macbook, then install the sound library, so that it installs onto the harddrive, then whenever you need you can just open logic on the usb. May 01,  · Logic Pro X , Logic Pro OS X , macOS iMac19,1 27″ – GHz Intel 8 Core i9 – 40GB memory – MacBook Pro M1Pro 14″ – 16GB memory – 10 core – 16 GPU – 1TB SSD) Behringer XR18 – iPad Air (4th gen) – LaunchKey 37 mk3 – LaunchPad X – ioStation 24c Logic Pro Command of the Day. Aug 10,  · If you copy files to an external hard drive from one Mac, then connect that external drive on another Mac and run the Logic Pro X installer on the second mac like I did (Macbook Pro to a MacMini), you know all the content is there but Logic Pro X on my MacMini doesn’t know because I noticed the PLIST file for the MacMini was missing receipt.


Move Logic Pro Sound Library: Relocate to external drive – 9to5Mac.

I just bought the new 16” MacBook Pro with the M1 Max chip and 1 TB hard drive. I chose the 1 TB drive since I have been trying to utilize. › watch.


Logic pro x files on external hard drive free


It is a good idea to record and keep your projects in an external drive, especially if you have a laptop and do a lot of audio recording. The external drive should be a Firewire one, not USB. Full Duplex communication allows data to be read and written at the same time without interruption, while Half Duplex only allows data to flow one-way without interruption.

You could get away with recording a certain number of audio tracks to an USB drive, but as soon as you start to record and playback files to and from the same drive, problems will must likely arise. As far as not carrying your laptop around and running Logic from an drivw, you can achieve that by doing a bootable clone of your internal drive to an external again, Firewire preferred using software like Super Logic pro x files on external hard drive free But again, if you haven’t dealt with this stuff in the past, it’s best if you just take your laptop with you.

Mac mini 3. Thank you very much jordito, you are a very helpful person. I think I just got real caught up in the fact that I just got access to an external hard drive that I started going wild with ideas for logic pro x files on external hard drive free use.

I think, for now, I will just нажмите чтобы увидеть больше up my saved files onto it. Also, thank you for bringing to my attention the idea of the firewire connection; I had no idea that a USB hard drive operated por from a firewire one. I logic pro x files on external hard drive free a question for you though: how do you record your music? Do you make use of the external hard drive?

You’re welcome, using this drive for backup is a good idea Another important aspect in a drive is it’s speed. Common speeds are and RPM. Of eternal, you should go with the faster one whenever windows 10 home naar pro upgrade prijs free. Finally another important aspect to consider is the disk buffer or disk cache which these days go from 8MB up to 32MB.

Again here,the larger the better. Actually, the larger the drive itself, the better. Drives that have a lot of free space perform better and last longer. Your goal should never be too fill it up this doesn’t apply to storage ones, of course. How do I record my music? I also keep all my projects there, so the first thing I do when opening Logic for a new session is save as with the “Include Assets” and “Copy external audio files to project folder” options checked One more thing I forgot to mention.

This makes them compatible with both macs and PC’s. Not only it is a more robust logic pro x files on external hard drive free system format, but Logic won’t like it if you record to FAT32 it may not even be possible, but I’m not sure since I’ve never tried it.

To reformat a drive you do it with Disk Utility. You’ll find this app in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder. Google if dxternal have any doubts.

My new Logic Pro Book is out! Keep in mind that an adapter wont make the Firewire bus in your computer any faster My experience with those MyBook drives has been universally “Meh. Here’s what I would use that drive fules I’d use it with Time Machine, and back up all your applications and preferences on your machine. That way if your machine goes down, you can restore it from your Time Machine backups.

You don’t need quite as robust a drive for Time Machine as you do for recording, so you’ve got a great use for this drive you got so cheaply and you can oon a OWC Mercury Drive or a По ссылке hard drive for recording.

I’m actually looking for some advice. Is it easy to transfer the sound banks to the hard drive? Will Logic recognise them? Check them out, not certain as to whether they ship overseas. Software: LP v9. FAT32 will never work, forget about it. Format the drive to Mac OS Extended try unjournaled, for a change. One important приведу ссылку to know is that not all US ports on Macbooks and Macbook Pro’s supply the same amount of power to the connected device.

Apple won’t admit it I think. Not sure which port is the weak one on a Macbook, but try plugging the drive into another one. Yes they do ship overseas. When you reformat you need to create a new full partition to get rid of the fat 32 format, and select GUID partition table. Just reformatting is not enough. In opposition to this FAT32 issue, I have used FAT32 to record to hundreds of times and not gotten any errors so it is not true that you can’t record logic pro x files on external hard drive free it.

If you want to take Logic with you, you can restore your system to a partition on the external HDD you don’t need any fancy programs you can do this simply in Disk Utility. FAT32 is and old, flimsy, and error-prone file hadd. It doesn’t even support files larger than 4Gb’s in size. Was just clearing up that it is indeed possible to use it I wouldn’t recommend it at all though. Oh, I see You could try daisy-chaining the edirol to the hard drive via firewire.

By the way, I’m not familiar with that Buffalo HD, so I can’t guarantee everything will be honky dory if you c the daisy-chaining suggestion.

Normally, it’s not a problem You’ll have to give it a shot to find out. I have one of the early aluminum 20″ iMac’s so from around I’ve bought Logic Pro 9 and Reason 5 but I also need to look at the hardware side of things. However, I’ve read that for recording audio, I should really think externall getting an external hard drive. But I’ll never be doing more than two tracks at once: I would only record the Roland V I exhernal in- jazz pianist here so I saved up for, arguably, the best in that range – or my voice.

So my questions:. Or can I skip it logic pro x files on external hard drive free save up to get an Apogee Duet or some other decent audio interface I’m currently using my roommate’s Apogee Duet ezternal she’ll be moving soon. I do my back-ups I only back up flles manually, not with Time Machine, I’m old school Or would it be best to keep that drive strictly as an audio one?

Or, once they’re recorded, do I move them to the internal HDD and work with them from there? You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. By mq9312 hours ago in Logic Pro. By joshj2 hours ago in Logic Pro. By Ananna3 hours ago in Logic Pro. Need help signing in? Click here! Share More sharing options Followers 0. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted February 28, I’m not sure if I should put the Logic Application onto the hard drive along with hwrd of my projects or what.

I also read online that people record onto their hard drives. Is this logic pro x files on external hard drive free Should I do this? A big question I hqrd regarding this is that I would like to move the whole Logic program onto the hard drive to free up space on my Mac. Should I do this as well? And if I do how do I move everything, such as the virtual instruments and plugins necessary to run Logic, onto my hard drive?

I would like to be able to bring my hard drive to a friends house and use their computer to work on projects instead of bringing my computer back and forth. Is all of this possible? And why would I want to record onto my hard drive?

Thank you. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Jordi Torres Posted February 28, Logic goes in your Applications folder.

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